Orthodontics for Adults

In the past, it was thought that braces were just for children and that once you were an adult there was nothing that could be done. That couldn’t be further from the truth today.

At Baltinglass Dental, we’re here to tell you it’s never too late to achieve a beautiful smile that you can feel good about each and every day.

More and more adults are choosing to straighten their teeth as the process is becoming quicker, easier, and more discrete than ever before.

People often tell us that they have noticed their teeth becoming more crowded, that they now overlap where they were once smooth and in line. Evidence now shows that our teeth continue to move throughout life. This means that for most of us, crowding around the front teeth becomes more noticeable as time goes on.

Braces are a way of dealing with the crowded teeth and addressing it before the overcrowding becomes a significant problem.

The benefits of braces are two-fold. Not only do they help to achieve a beautiful smile and increased self-confidence; they also ensure that the teeth and gums are easier to clean and are, therefore, healthier.

We offer a number of different treatment systems for adults:

We offer flexible payment plans and competitive pricing.

All our orthodontic pricing includes fixed retainers and Essex retainers.

Call today to book in for a free assessment to explore which option is the best for you.

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