Sometimes, in dentistry, removal of a tooth is necessary. This page will give you information about why we may need to remove a tooth and what you can expect during your treatment.

Why Remove Teeth?

  • Teeth cannot be repaired as the breakage is too severe.
  • Gum disease has caused extensive damage to the tooth and has left insufficient support for the tooth.
  • Wisdom tooth is difficult to reach & keep clean and so, is prone to repeat infections.
  • Sometimes a tooth is removed as a normal part of orthodontic treatment in order to create space for other teeth.

We understand that most people are very nervous about having a tooth removed. For this reason, we put great importance on ensuring that your tooth is completely numb before beginning. This should make the extraction a comfortable procedure for you.

Many people worry that their tooth may break during removal. Although this can happen on occasion, there is nothing to be concerned about. We are fully trained and equipped to deal with this eventuality and will be able to ensure that the procedure is completed in as comfortable and calm a manner as possible.

Are very nervous about attending the dentist, or in particular, about having a tooth removed? At Baltinglass Dental, we can offer you I.V. sedation which should help to reduce the stress and anxiety around the procedure. Contact us to see if IV sedation may be suitable for you.

What you can Expect?

Most people generally experience some mild discomfort after an extraction. This can usually be eased by taking some over the counter painkillers, such as Paracetamol or Nurofen. You may wish to take it easy for a few hours afterwards.

In a few cases, some people experience swelling after having a tooth removed and antibiotics may be required to reduce this.

It is best not to rinse or spit too much within the first 24 hours after an extraction.