Dentures are a set of false teeth that can be used to replace as little as one tooth (partial denture) to all the teeth (full dentures).

There are a number of options available.

Acrylic Dentures

Acrylic dentures are made from a plastic material and provide the most economical option for replacing missing teeth. Acrylic can be very comfortable in the mouth and can give a good aesthetic effect. However, acrylic dentures can present difficulties for some patients and are not always the best option.

Valplast Dentures

Valplast dentures are a type of acrylic denture. They are made from a more flexible, acrylic material which many people find more comfortable.

As acrylic is not a very strong material, it can mean that the denture feels a little thick in the mouth. For some, the upper acrylic denture is difficult to tolerate as it creates a strong gag reflex because it covers too much of the surface of the roof of the mouth.

Some people may also experience uncomfortable movement of the dentures when eating or speaking.

Cobalt Chrome Dentures

Cobalt chrome dentures can overcome many of the problems of acrylic dentures.

Cobalt chrome, the material these dentures are made from, is much stronger than acrylic and so the dentures can be made much thinner. This reduced density means that most patients find a reduction in the gag reflex felt during acrylic denture use.

Speech and eating is also less affected with cobalt chrome dentures. They make use of clasps around existing teeth which gives a firmer hold in the mouth ensuring less movement during speaking and eating.

If you are unhappy with your current dentures or are interested in finding out how dentures can help you, we will be happy discuss your options. Call us to make an appointment.