Dental Implants

Implants are an excellent solution for replacing missing teeth and also for holding dentures in place very firmly.

Implants can be likened to a false tooth root ( like a little screw) which is placed in the gum where the tooth is missing. On top of the implant a crown is placed. It is only the crown which is actually visible in the mouth.

One big advantage of implants is that they do not rely on surrounding teeth to support them and implants are therefore a very conservative option in comparison to traditional bridgework. Having implants placed avoids the need to file down surrounding teeth to hold a bridge in place.

Having implants placed can mean you can avoid wearing a denture. Implants are very good for the general oral health as you don’t have to struggle with keeping both your own teeth and a denture clean.

If you are struggling with getting used to wearing loose dentures implants can be a great solution. In the case of implant-retained dentures implants are placed in the jaw and the dentures “clip on” to the implants. This means the implants are very well supported and sit much more firmly in the mouth.

Our implants are placed by Dr Frank Dingeria who has undergone extensive training in surgical dentistry including the placement of implants.

If you are interested in finding out more about having missing teeth replaced by implants why not contact us to arrange an assessment appointment .

Are you interested in implants but fear fearful of undergoing the procedure. This is very normal and we can help you by providing dental sedation ( link)