Adhesive Dentistry and Tooth Wear

Adhesive dentistry (also known as tooth bonding) is a technique where a white filling material is simply used to build up the tooth structure which has been lost through excessive wear.

Tooth bonding is an excellent technique to treat excessive wear as there is no need to remove any of the tooth structure at all. In fact, it is usually not even necessary to numb the jaw, as no drilling is required during the treatment.

Tooth bonding can be renewed and replaced over the years to maintain its fresh appearance, without causing any further damage to the teeth.

Porcelain veneers or crowns can also be used to replace the lost tooth structure and produce excellent aesthetic results.

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Excessive Tooth Wear

  • Can be an aesthetic problem
  • Can affect your bite
  • May result in jaw pain and headaches
  • May cause tooth sensitivity
  • May result in toothache
  • Can result in loss of the teeth

Signs of Worn Teeth Include

  • Teeth that are chipped and jagged
  • Shorter teeth
  • Yellowing of teeth

Causes of Worn Teeth

  • Grinding
  • Consuming acidic food & drink
  • Brushing the teeth too hard
  • Reflux from stomach

Tooth wear is an extremely common complaint and is a natural part of the ageing process. However, excessive tooth wear can cause a multitude of problems for patients.

How we Treat Worn Teeth

Firstly, we need to find out the cause of the worn teeth. As mentioned, it can happen naturally, however, sometimes there are other factors which can aggravate the condition. We need to identify these factors in order to stop the condition worsening over time.

We will prescribe a treatment that is best for you, depending on your own circumstances.

Teeth can get worn down from excessive grinding which can occur during sleep, sometimes as a result of stress. If you are grinding your teeth, we will recommend a grind guard in order to protect the teeth from further wear.

If we suspect that the wear is the result of too much acidic food, we will recommend changes to your diet to counteract this.

Sometimes, choosing a softer toothbrush may be a simple solution if this is causing tooth wear or where gastric reflux is suspected, a referral to a doctor may become necessary to address the root cause of the problem.

If the tooth wear is mild, we may not carry out any treatment to start with, instead monitoring the situation to ensure that it does not worsen.

For more advanced cases of tooth wear we will advise to repair and replace the lost tooth surface.